What outfit comes to mind when considering comfort, laid-back but fashionable? Track suit? Sweats? How about hoodie? Yeah, Hoodies! I think everyone on earth should own one or more in their closets. This includes kids. Hoodies are fashionable, relaxing, comfortable, all depending on how you style them. Wearing them with denim is one of the most common styling of this item, it gives a casual appearance, especially when a side bag is added. Hoodies can also be worn as a complete ‘fit as majority come in a set, the lower part(usually trousers or shorts) is identical to the hood can be styles with a sneakers to give a sporty look.
 There are lots of ways to style hoodies, and they’re a great addition to your child’s wardrobe. It’s important to buy hoodies of good quality, here are 5 stores to check out hoodies for your kids from:

Etsy: I love the selection of hoodies on their website, not only are they unique, most are custom made. You can have any inscriptions made to your child’s hoodie. You can get more personal and ask for the designs or color you want for the hoodie, like a tie-dye etc. All this at affordable rate, with discounts available on occasions. Visit their website for more.

Amazon: Amazon has varieties of colors when it comes to hoodies, although most are plain, they have maybe, the cheapest hoodies one can come across online. With hoodies from brands like Hanes, fruit of the loom, adidas and even amazon essentials, all available on Amazon, you are sure to find one your child. 

Nike: Pull out your purses people we’re in Nike. Just kidding. Or not. Nike has one of the best hoodies ever, this is based on a personal use. Their hoodie is worth the price, mine lasted for about 7 years, then I couldn’t find it again. Most Nike hoodies are 2 piece, having a trouser or short to go with it. They’re sporty, fashionable and relaxed. You can also purchase sweatshirts, while shopping for hoodies.

Kohl’s: Babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults, have hoodies of different brands available at Kohl’s. Brands like adidas, Nike, jumping beans etc. Have hoodies for kids at Kohl’s. There’s currently a sale going on with 20% off purchase, both in store and online, also earn $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent, this is for a limited period, so check it out now. 

Target: Target has interesting hoodies for kids. Not all are vibrant but most are, which I consider a great thing. Cat and jack hoodies are one of the best brands to shop for in target when selecting hoodies. You can also shop for sweatshirt in target, all are available both in stores and online. Prices are very affordable, so get to shopping.

There is no excuse for your kids not having hoodies in their closets. Not only are they considered cool but every child loves them.
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