Black Friday is over, so is Cyber Monday. However, if you were unable to purchase anything during these periods, for whatever reasons at all, don’t be sad as there are still lots of exciting and money saving deals for you this holiday. The benefit and reduced cost, are the reasons why we look forward to shopping during this special times. They can be stressful cause of the orders especially in-store, but it’s always worth it. Why black Friday is the most famous day for shopping at discounted prices, there are still other days where you can get a benefit or discounted price this holiday season. So I've compiled 5 days to shop this holiday apart from black Friday:

Cyber Week

While Cyber Monday might have been over, cyber week is still on and alive. Thanks to consumer demand, Cyber Monday starts the beginning of cyber week. As businesses extend their sales for the whole week. This is the best time to stock up on all electrical appliances and some other items such as clothes, shoes, and so on. As many usually extend their Black Friday sales into this week also. This year, Cyber Week ends on Sunday, Dec. 5.

Free Shipping Day

Yes, Free shipping Day is a thing. It’s best for those whose delivery cost is high or want to gift someone far away, either way, it’s free. This is occuring 14th of December, if you ask me, best excuse to shop from home too. Note that you can make a purchase on that day and have it delivered on Christmas. It still counts. 

Super Saturday

Last Saturday of shopping before Christmas, for last-minute shoppers like myself, Many retailers offer promotional items, a day sales, discounted prices and extended hours to attract customers looking to check off those last few names from their gift lists.

Boxing Day

Regarded as the day to unbox your gifts, well some people might just be buying their gifts then as Boxing Day has the biggest sale day of the year. That’s right, inventories are being cleared, most retailers slash their prices. Shopping centers, big-box stores and independent retailers slash their prices to clear out. especially those looking to remove previous seasons items. While it might not be as popular as black Friday, the deals are mouth watering and better.

New Years Eve!

The start of a New year leaves the previous year’s items lesser and cheaper. Most people don’t take advantage of New year’s Eve shopping enough. Items during this period have been slashed down to as low as 50% off, in preparation for the new year. 
If you haven’t planned shopped for the holidays yet, there is still enough time to take advantage of some of these big days. 


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