A good pair of shoes literally saves the day

If you think trying to find a good pair of shoes as an adult is hard? Try looking for a good pair for your kids. Kids are known to be a little less composed than adults.  A good pair of shoes literally saves the day, Ask Cinderella.. Lol.  We all know that a dress up is not complete without the footwear. A good pair of shoes should last up to 3 years and above. Below are 8 guaranteed shoe brands for your kids,  depending on the occasion:
 Easy to Maintain, affordable and comfortable. I think that solves every parents problem in a heartbeat. You don't want to exhaust your money on an expensive pair of shoe or buy a pair of shoe that will be uncomfortable for your child, you also want one that will be easily maintained. You get a pair of crocs, it solves it all. Crocs are very comfortable can be worn under the rain or sun and its odor resistant. Its also a favorite amongst adults like myself. *wink*
Chuck Taylor has been out here too long.  Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas was a hit during my childhood and its still ahead of the new school shoes..lol. A real classic. It has different colors, its versatile, comfortable and fashionable. This converse can be worn casually or for  occasions. It is a must have for every child.
Adidas has proven time and time again to be iconic. The durability of Adidas cannot be matched. While adidas brand is popularly associated with sport, its foot wears ranges from athletic to casual and comfort is guaranteed.
See kai run:
This sneakers have really lovely designs which is colorful. Its comfortable, affordable and durable. Wearing this sneakers allows the foot to breathe which is important especially for kids, as some mostly refuse to pull off their shoes.
UGG is the kid's boot for the winter. It keeps the feet warm and cozy. Not only is it super comfortable as it is made from warm sheep skin but its also water resistant, hence can be worn outside even in the snow.
Plae is a flexible sneakers that is made with  a Eco-OrthoLite® antimicrobial foot bed. It can be washed in the machine making perfect for kids and easy for parents. Its comfortable and supports the feet which makes playing easy for the kids.

Bogs is another iconic footwear on this list. The common rain boot are extra comfortable, water resistant and durable. It comes in different colors and its perfect for raining season. 
This casual footwear can be worn around the house, on play dates or other occasion. It is fashionable and comfortable, definitely a must have in a child's closet.
There is no such thing as too much shoes, different shoes serve seperate purpose.
 While the list above guarantees comfort, durability and style. There are other new brands producing  just as much comfort like ambbytolani. The foot wears also depend on the style and the season. Whatever brand of shoes piques your interest, always remember to place the comfort of your child first.
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