Gather around new parents, whose kids are about transitioning from diapers to underwear or those who are tired of going through underwears for their kids like a bad weather. As challenging as purchasing an underwear can be for an adult with peference varying, its tougher when you need to purchase underwear for your kids. As you have to consider certain factors; durability, comfortability, long-lasting and if its fun enough to hold your child's interest. In fact, that is one of the most important factor to consider when selecting underwear for your child as children usually like wearing or using something that piques their interests. You must have had times when they refuse to part with their favorite things, the minute you touch it, they start crying, exactly what am talking about. As it is the same for under wears. From Solid-coloured to cartoon-panties to stripped briefs, below are guaranteed underwear brands that you won't regret buying:

1. H&M
 H&M's underwear are perfect for your kids, not only do they have superhero and Disney princess themed sets but they are also made from organic cotton. It is affordable and does not wash or tear when you do laundry. Their sizes are from 1 1/2 years and above.
2.  Gap Kids
Here is another cool underwear brand for your child. Gap kids products are know for their affordability, their underwear line is not left out. As it is affordable, made from  100% cotton and durable. They also have interesting theme like the days of the week briefs, there are 7 in a Pack with the days of the week printed at the back of each.
3. Hanes.
Hanes underwear are made of cotton, they have both solid colors and prints. According to reviews, the underwear is comfortable, durable and long lasting with great band for the drawers. Its also budget-friendly.
4. Primary
Primary is for parents that prefer solid colors to any design, they have an arrays of solid colors. The underwear is soft, durable, affordable and comfortable.
5. Esme
 Esme underwear brings the style for kids while still making it age appropriate. It comes in solid colors and you can also get some in prints. Although not as cheap as the remaining on the list, its extremely soft, comfortable and lightweight. Money well spent. 
When your child reaches the age of 2, you start worrying about the right underwear to get them. Some parent start as early as 11/2years. The above list is to guide you in  making the right decision. Other Amazing underwear brands include: Boden, a British brand for kids up to 8years of age, Petit Bateau, it is expensive but with a classic French styling, you can't expect less. I hope this will serve as a great help when you're saying goodbye to diapers.
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