I recently ordered a cloth for my goddaughter online from a different country. The cost of shipping a single cloth was much more than the clothing item itself. This got me thinking, how do people who order items for their kids regularly abroad or even nearby deal with the high cost of delivery. Shopping online once you know the size of your kids, is easier, comfortable and with the pandemic, safer. You can take your time looking through catalogues, websites and even reviews on your item of interest. But once all that is done, figuring out how your goods will get to you becomes another challenge and expense on it’s own. Online stores like Ambbytolani store high quality items for kids at affordable rates, hence you might not feel the effect of delivery fee but how about stores where you have to drop a chunk of cash to order clothes for the kids and still require you to do the same on delivery or shipping? Here is why I carefully selected 5 stores that offer free shipping on their site, so feel free to check it out:

The Children’s place: Shopping online at the children’s place for your kids is very comforting, knowing that no matter what you pick, either a single item or a bulk, it’s all free shipping. That’s right! This store incur the cost of shipping making it easier for their customers to shop their hearts out without worrying about shipping fee. If the children’s place is available in your country, you can shop online and pick it up in stores. Shopping made easy guys.

Amazon: It’s no secret that amazon offers free shipping, however, it’s based on eligibility. You have to spend a particular amount on your orders to qualify for free shipping. Amazon has a large catalogue, you find all sorts of clothes, shoes and gadgets for your kids on here, so you cannot afford not to shop here. shipping rates on amazon aren't so expensive.

Macy’s: Macy’s offers free shipping on orders from $25 upwards. It’s important to note that Macy’s and some other children stores don’t do delivery to certain countries in the world, as a result one might have to use a shipping company associated with the store and payment of shipping fee will be made by you regardless of the amount spent on items.

H&M: This popular brand offers free shipping on orders from $60 and above. Might seem like a lot but H&M has a wide collection of items, you will definitely be spending that much shopping for your kids, their clothes are affordable and of good quality. Also the delivery fee where their stores are located is cheap.

Asos: Teenagers enjoy shopping in this store. They’ve got what teenagers consider to be cool and chic, hence when shopping for your teen child, visit Asos. They offer free shipping when you shop to a particular amount. The delivery of shipment depends on your location, some orders take longer than others.

In case you didn’t find these stores to your liking, you can go ahead and pay for delivery for stores that have clothes you like. Just make sure your delivery doesn’t cost more than the items being delivered.

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