Every average female child's dream is to become a princess someday, most grow with this in mind, end up having a fairytale wedding. The whole idea behind every female fairytale fantasy is A FLARE DRESS. The princess is not complete without her flare overflowing gown, tiara and glass slipper (even if Cinderella did end up leaving hers behind..lol). The Flare gown completes the fantasy, giving a child the imagination of lifting up the flared overflowing gown and running to wherever it is princesses go. Flare dresses have however, gone from being the puffy heavy cloth that princesses struggle to lift to simple nice gown with impeccable taste and styles. I bet Cinderella would have appreciated a simpler gown, no offence fairy godmother. Flare dresses are now designed to taste and can be created with different fabrics from lace to silk, cotton to wool, African prints to chiffon, literally any fabric can create a flare. They can be worn for all occasions including birthday parties, play dates, weddings(little bridesmaids) etc. The Flare dress is easy to style; it can be paired with a slip on, sandals, boots, heels and even a sneakers. Hair can be styled in a bun, ponytail, dropped down or even braided, depending on the occasion. Flare dresses can be gotten at clothing stores like Macy's (at prices ranging from $14, $16 (on sales), $28 (regular price) and above), ambbytolani (at prices ranging from £15 to £20) amongst a host of others. Flared dresses are comfortable and allows for free movement, it's definitely one for every little princess out there. So mothers let's be the modern day fairy Godmother by giving our princesses their dream clothes. Until Next Time XOXO