All year round, there’s always a reason to celebrate. From the start of a New year to the day of love (Valentine’s day), down to the end of the year celebrations, which includes Christmas. This circle continues, requiring us to dress up and show out. Of all celebrations, children only always look forward to their birthday. To kids, this is the greatest celebration of the year, that and maybe, Santa’s day(Christmas). Birthday Celebration(s) require more attention than most, as well as, planning. This is particularly the case for the 1 years old birthday party. The first birthday celebration of every child deserves to be special, we tend to go all out in this celebration, with the party, food and the clothes.
here are 5 store to check out for that birthday cloth:

Carter’s: When shopping for babies and toddlers, Carter’s is amongst the first store to check out. Carter’s has bodysuit, 2 piece set, tutu dress and many more clothes, perfect for a kid’s first birthday celebration. All comes at affordable price and also very comfortable.

JCPenney: This store has excellent choices for a child’s first birthday celebration. Their style ranges from formal to casual, I advice to stick with cotton for a 1 year old won’t be comfortable in any other material for long.

Children’s place: Not only can you get beautiful clothes for babies at this store for their celebration, you can also get accessories like tiara, beaded neck and bracelet set, etc. Also there are matching family birthday graphic tees with writings like “Dad of the birthday princess” “Bro of the birthday princess” on them.

Target: You can go in-store or check online for kid’s cloth for their 1st birthday celebration. I checked online, and I recommend the dresses. There are other adorable clothes for celebration but I loved their dresses best. Appears comfortable for kids and chic at the same time.

Kohl’s: Kohl’s might be more expensive than some of the other stores listed on here. But they have clothes just as beautiful. Brands like Carter’s are available in this store. They’re also paired complete outfit options that include socks, shoes and headband with the clothes makes shopping easier and faster.

Whether casual, flashy, formal or themed, comfort is key when shopping for a 1year old party. I would advice cotton for the material.

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