While 2020 didn't give room for large gatherings and unnecessary outing, it still saw its fair share of trends and creativity. As the year gradually comes to an end, with less than 2 weeks to 2021, certain styles will unfortunately not be going with it. These styles were repeatedly worn by different kids from all around the world and seen numerous times on social media. There are guaranteed to be seen again in the year 2021. Here are 5 styles that trended in 2020 and will be trending 2021:

Bucket hat: This street style from 1980s came back into limelight fall of last year and has been seen throughout 2020 on both adults and kids. It comes in different pattern and colors, depending on the brand. It is definitely staying in trend even in 2021.

Belt bags: Belt bags or bum bag, whichever way you call it has been trending since spring of 2018. While the style, designs and color varies, this bag has been consistently seen among kids in 2020 and by the look of things will be seen as much in 2021.

Plaids: 2020 saw a lot of plaid styled wears for the kids. From gowns, shirt to short and PJs, plaids was seen all over the kids and 2021 promises more plaids.

Sunshades: Almost every child I saw on instagram this year had on sunshades. While sunshade is a permanent fixture in fashion. This year had a high rise in sunshades for kids and it most likely will remain for 2021.

Sweatpants: The pandemic has everyone in the family rocking sweatpants even the kids. I guess we all just got comfortable indoors. Unfortunately, the virus is still active which means 2021 will have us all in sweats again.

There are other trends and styles seen in 2020 that definitely will be repeated in 2021, all we can do is relax and enjoy the ride.

Happy Holidays,

Be Safe