Nothing screams family like a matching outfit, everyone matching the same fly.

Whether it's inform of a T-shirt, onsies, swim suit or perhaps sleep wear, wearing a matching cloth signifies unity, love and its definitely adorable.  Little children love it, but as soon as they grow into teenagers....well, not so much. Its perfect for that memorable holiday picture or when you just want to make your teenage child A lot of parents, especially the new parent, want to have matching outfits with their kids and enjoy looking at them on Instagram, but don't have a clue on where to get them or what brand they are, cause most brands aren't tagged.  Here is a list of 7 brands that have matching outfits for the family.

1.   GAP 
GAP is usually the first store that comes to my mind when I think about matching outfit. I think it has to do with the fact that they make several regular items for both adults and kids, same colors and fabrics. Lots of clothing such as matching family PJs for you and your babies, checkered shirt can be found at Gap, visit any GAP store or their website online.
2.  H&M 
 H&M, though doesn't have as much family matching set, but they have large sizes for plus sized. They have basic items for both adult and kids that match. If you're into shopping regularly, you know H&M is one of those brands with quality products, especially for kids. Shop Online or at their walk-in stores.
3. Old Navy
There are lots of options for matching family clothing at Old Navy, including Christmas PJs for the whole family. They also have matching wears just for kids, both boys and girls or unisex. 
4. Kortni Jeane 
I first saw this matching swim suit on a beautiful family, on instagram. I later googled the brand and wow! It is the ideal brand for a family. With amazing flattering fit for mothers, the dad and sons aren't left out also. 
5. Converse
 Did you know that converse has baby size? You didn't?, well it does. Which is why it is on this list. The iconic shoe can be worn by the whole family and it will look great in the family picture.
6. Hanna Andresson 
They are known to have the best family set PJ's all year round. Made from organic cotton, Hanna Anderson is very soft and comfortable.They have the most adorable prints and patterns perfect for the holidays family collections stand the test of time. Discounted price ranges from $24 to $34. They can be passed on from one sibling to another.
7. Province of Canada 
This is the best brand for right now, they have the most comfortable sweats(shirt and pants), and they have it in smaller sizes too. 
It's advisable to order cloths than going down to their stores this period. Also family matching set can be custom made, online stores like AMBbyTolani specialize in making bespoke wears for you and your family to fit your taste. 
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