Summer’s Over! Fall has begun. This year is definitely running on high speed. Thankful there’s been no injury. We’ve been getting fashion inspirations all year long. I love it! So what does fall have install for our young stars? I think we should expect a similar fashion from summer for fall. A little switch up, maybe, but mom jeans, skinny jeans, tie and dye, vintage tees are most likely to be a trend. The summer holiday is over, it’s back to school, plus Halloween is a month plus away, which by the way is a whole different shopping. Oops! I meant topic. Well, shopping too. But let’s take it a step at a time, quit worrying about the cost just yet. This fall, we’re going to raid H&M for ideal outfit for kids. So join me in visiting H&M online store. I’m back. Here are 5 outfit I selected that would be perfect for your kid this fall:

Skinny jeans: There are different skinny jeans on there, depending on what fits your child and how it fits. They have the super stretch skinny fit jean, it’s definitely will be stretchy as the name implies, there’s the skinny fit jean, which looks more like it’s for boys but who cares. I love wearing boy jeans, I mean jeans have no gender. There’s also comfort stretch slim fit jean, amongst others too. This is tagged a bestseller. If I am being honest, it looks like one. Prices of the jeans range from $14.99-39.99. Check it out and decide on your preference.

Sweaters and Track pants: I don’t think you understand how beautiful these sets are. I want one for me! Back on topic, the sweater and track pants are 80% cotton. They come in a tie and dye designs with beautiful color transitions, they’re also monochrome colors like washed out brown etc. This outfit is not available in stores, just online. The prices is $49.99. It is worth every penny.

Belted shirt dress: They’re no summer dresses, but I will take them. The colors and designs of this outfit screams fall. They’re new to sale, so I’m guess it was brought in as a result of the season change. This shirt dress looks amazing with a pop socks worn on the little angel modeling it. It is 100% cotton, features buttons at the top and a belt at the waist. This print dress comes in colors I think will flatter all skin tones. Price $27.99, there is however a 50% discount on it for now so it’s $13.99 .

Sweaters: There are different sweaters available on their site. There some that are perfect for fall more than others. This particular sweaters that caught my eyes can pass a regular top. It is however 60% cotton, I prefer higher cotton percentage for kids but that’s just me. The shoulders have a lace flare making it chic, the model paired hers with a blue jean, which makes me want to buy it more. Price is $27.99 but it’s also new to sale so a 50% discount is given, which makes it $13.99.

Frill trim jersey tanks: This are as the names implies tanks with frills. This sleeve piece of clothing, is a casual outfit perfect for fall. They’re 100% cotton and have beautiful designs printed on the with writings. One has the sun printed on it, and a ‘here comes the sun’ printed on as well. There are some with just designs no writing. It cost $9.99, new to sale 30% discount on it makes it $6.99.

All outfits above can be paired with other brands, check out ambbytolani to compliment your choice perfectly this fall.

Until Next Time,
Be Safe.