Either due to time, circumstances or money, you realize you just don’t want to (or can’t) play dress up for your child. But you still have to make sure they’re well dressed. Don’t panic, go into their closet. There are regular clothing items readily available in every wardrobe that when merged together will make you appear like a million bucks even without you making an attempt. Same goes for kids. 9 out of 10 chances are you’ve gotten these items for them before, all you need is to pair them right. 
Not every occasion requires a new outfit or planning. It’s okay for kid’s to repeat cloth. I mean we love our children unconditionally but there are days when we are just not in the best of moods to go shopping or try out a bunch various cloth but your child has to go out; either playdates or parties or any other occasion. We want to ensure they look their best before they can leave the house without us stressing. Here are 5 items that will help them look good without trying:

Jacket: Jacket does a lot more than covering the body, it gives the body a whole new look. Can be paired with trousers, skirts or gowns. Jacket is a must have in every child’s wardrobe, this item can be worn when conflicted on what to wear on them. It soothes every occasion, depending on the fabric of choice.

Accessories: Accessories give meaning to dressing. The least attractive cloth can look very beautiful when paired with accessories. Accessories like earring, brooch, necklace, headbands, should be readily available in your child’s closet. It’s very important not to over accessories on children cause then it becomes the opposite of beautiful, we don’t want that for our children.

Sneakers: Every child deserves a sneakers in their closet. This particular clothing item singlehandedly will make your child look and feel dressed for any occasion. Infact, kid’s should sneakers collection as they grow. Sneakers vary in prices and sizes making it easy to purchase.

Bag: This is an optional choice, while it definitely adds to the beauty of dressing. Most kids don’t hold on to their bags, unless it’s a fanny pack or bag pack. Still a bag is a bag, and any type of bag is an addition/statement of fashion. Your child should definitely have one of these in their closet.

Jeans: when in doubt of what to wear, wear jeans. I don’t care where you’re going, wear jeans. Every child has to have at least one pair of jeans in their wardrobe it’s essential to fashion. No matter what form it comes in; trousers, jumpsuit, jacket, gown or overall, jeans is always a good idea. Can be worn over and over, but still looks makes one look fresh. When paired right jeans can be worn to almost any occasion.

Pair the above items together for your child and they’re ready to go. peradventure your child does not already have any of the above items mentioned, you need to go shopping.


Untill Next Time,
Be Safe.