Whether its in form of a jacket, skirt, trouser or even a gown, every child must have a denim jeans in their closet. Its a must! Denim is a staple in the fashion world. Not only is it the easiest to style but also its never out of trend, you can never go wrong in denim. 

Denim is ageless, hence, can be worn by all age group. However, getting the right jean trouser for kids might be challenging. Here are 5 recommended denim jeans trousers brand to patronize:  

The brand GAP is known for their wide diversity in cloth. Gap jeans are super  comfortable, accessible, classy and modern. They've got arrays of choices for trousers like skinny, straight leg and boot cut jeans.

Levi's are one of the most popular jeans for kids and toddlers. Levi jeans are very classy in style and it comes in different styles and sizes. It can be gotten on their website, at Macy's and Amazon, amongst others.

Lands End
Lands End jeans is dope and lasts really long. It is double-stitched with a polyester patch at the knee, definitely one for the kids. As the durability is guaranteed.


Carhartt jeans are definitely designed for comfort and durability, which are the two most essential properties any denim should posses especially considering the nature of kids. 


ambbytolani is relatively new in comparison to other brands on this list but their authenticity, durability and affordability has made it a part of the top 5 go to denim choice. Unlike the remaining however, the denim jeans trousers are sold in a set with a matching shirt but can still be worn single handedly with a different shirt of your choice. I call that the best of both worlds.

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