Some days you wake up and have no clue on what kids consider cool anymore. It is difficult keeping up with kids themselves, talk less of their fashion. when you think you are current, you mention a particular style or trend and your child gives you the "you're old look".  It can be frustrating as these kids lose interest in trends very quickly, never staying on them for too long.  Yet they expect us to keep up. You're probably wondering how we "old people" can stay up to date? Social media and influencers,  influencers set the trends for kids round the world on their social media platforms. These days even new born babies are fashion influencers on instagram, all you have to do is keep up. Here are 5 kids influencers that will enable you know the latest kids fashion and trends:
The Stauffer family (@kcstauffer):  With about 3.6 million followers on instagram, you can be sure that this family are setting the right trends. The account being ran by a mother of 5 kids, (2 boys and 3 girls) features all the kids, but the youngest kids, 5 years old twins seem to be the main star. 
Nyjah Rinato (@nyjahrinato) : Want to know how your 5 years old boy should be dressed? Check out Nyjah Rinato! This child model has styled for top brands like Zarakids, Mango and Tommy Hilfiger. He makes fashion look easy.
Ezekiel (@mummy_anite): Baby fever anyone? No? Check out this page and see if you still feel the same way.  Zeke is an adorable 2years old, even more so is way of fashion, well maybe his mom, since she's the one styling him lol but he wears it well. 
Laereta  (fashion_laerta): This UK based kid influencer is also a model and brand ambassador for high brands. She has 1.1 million followers on instagram currently. Personally, I can help but fall in love with her style as she switches it up on every post. 

Millie belle diamond @milliebellediamond): Going through this 6 years old instagram page ran by her mom, what you will see is fun, fulfilment and fashion. At such a young age little Millie has, graced the red carpet twice and collaborated with brands. Her style is simple but classy.

These influencers give you a peek on what is cool with kids, making you aware of what to get (and what not to get "so last year") when next you go shopping for your child to ensure that they are never left out of a fashion trend. If these influencers are wearing it, then it's in style.

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