Little royalty brown was dancing to her daddy's song, participating in the #gocrazychallenge. It was an adorable video, she's definitely her father's daughter. However, what caught my attention was her dressing. Though it might seem like a regular pairing but its not every time you see a kid paired in a white singlet and a grey sweatpants. She's looked really good, I didn't even know sweatpants were available for such young age. Joggers and sweatpants are similar, only that sweatpants are thicker, mostly have a rope on the waist. So I did a little more research, it turns out sweatpants/joggers are largely available for kids even newborns. If you ever wonder where to get them, Here are 5 brands that have sweatpants/joggers for kids.
GAP:  Gap has a range of stylish designed sweatpants for your kids. Although its for your male children, females can also wear it. Gap sweatpants are made with quality materials giving your kids absolute comfort.
Nike: Nike has beautiful and comfortable sweatpants/joggers. I should know, I own one. What's amazing is they have for kids too, at affordable rate might I add. If you're ever wondering if you should get one, Just do it?.
Miliano di rogue: This philly designer makes one of the best sweats you can come across. Miliano di rogue was the sweatpants brand worn by royalty brown which caught my attention along with her styling. Upon further research, I couldn't help but be in awe of the brand.

Lands' End: Lands' End is no stranger to you, if you shop regularly for your kids wear. Their sweatpants/jogger are also of good quality and affordable. It allows for your kids to play comfortably. 
Abercrombie Kids: Abercrombie Kids sweatpants has a super soft feel that makes kid's feel awesome. Infusing  athletic with cozy, this brand makes its sweatpants for boys in all essential colors like black, navy and grey.

Sweatpants are generally comfortable, trendy and affordable. While its mostly worn indoors to relax, sweats can be styled for outings, in which case it's best to go with the fitted sweatpants but not to fitted.
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