“Clothes is not a Christmas gift for a kid”. That was how the post I came across on Facebook was phased. As we’re all entitled to our own opinions, I would like to strongly disagree with that statement. Gifting your child a cloth especially one that he/she might have been pleading to get or one trending goes a long way. The post went ahead to explain how clothes are a necessity, and instead of buying clothes you should get toys or electronics for them. In her defense, she said 9years and below. But I have to say in this Generation, children of 3years old are more into fashion than we adults. Getting a cloth, expensive and not regular as a gift for your child is very much okay. Gifts should be about the thoughts behind them and what you can afford. If you want, you can get other things alongside, but getting a cloth is a perfect Christmas Gift. So have decided to share 5 clothing items that will be the perfect Christmas gift for your kids:

Blazers from Elisabetta Franchi La mia Bambina: This is an ideal Christmas gift, can be worn to several occasions. This Elisabetta Franchi Blazer is part the collection “The Explorer”, which was displayed at millan fashion week. It’s a brand for little girls, am sure every daughter will appreciate this as a gift.There are also varieties of other clothes in that collection perfect for gifting.

Mori’s baby clothes: That’s right! You can gift your months old baby clothes too for Christmas, Mori’s baby cloth is the ideal Christmas gift, you can also gift anyone with babies this set. It's so soft you want to swaddle yourself in them and the kimono and zipper styles are the ideal Christmas Gift.

Adidas Yeezy Kids Yeezy Boost 700 MNVS “Triple Black” sneakers: What child wouldn’t appreciate the new yeezy. While we are discussing clothing items that can be gifted it won’t be complete without stating footwears that can also be gifted. Best believe it has to be a special occasion to spend $350 on a footwear. That’s a once in a year's gift pooh. Enjoy.

Ambbytolani’s Magenta Snakeskin Styled Kids Boot: Still on footwear, this ambbytolani footwear is one for the books. Affordable, stylish and just waiting to be wrapped up. The color is also perfect. Nothing says Christmas gift like a red boot.

Balmain’s SS21 suit set: This set is available for both young boys and young girls. It’s a very good Christmas gift, very stylish and can be worn on several occasions. I can assure you, your child will want to be wearing it everyday.

There are a thousand and one more clothes to add to this list, all depends on your taste. But I tell you the idea that clothes aren’t ideal Christmas gift is totally wrong, as far am concerned. Toy and electronics are necessities too. Gifts are just considerate items given with thought and love.


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