When it comes to fashion, men aren’t on the radar as much as women. Majorly cause it’s being subconsciously categorized as a female thing. Parents do this also, buying more clothes for the girl with the thought of her needing it more. Fashion however, has no gender. I get that boys would rather spend more for a Nike air max than on a full outfit but it shouldn’t be. It’s our duty to start the boys on fashion early. Now, I don’t mean exhaust or max out your credit card on shopping for your child cause you want him hooked on fashion. Nope. As a matter of fact, fashion isn’t expensive, unless you want luxury fashion. Fashion isn’t over the top, less can be more. Considering you could buy your child a denim trousers from goodwill and no one will know unless you or they say it. The main key to fashion is pairing and fitting. Maybe girls need more in terms of pairing, with shoes, hair, underwear, dress or otherwise, than boys but certainly boys need clothes just as much too. There are staples items every boy should have in their closet that allows overall appearance to be appealing, 5 of which are listed below:

Accessories: That’s right, Accessories. Accessories aren’t meant for girls alone. Let’s make buying jewelry’s for our son’s a thing. Rings, chains etc, looks really good on boys too. Wrist watch is one must have accessories for boys regardless of your personal or religious values or morals.

Bags: School bags shouldn’t be the only bag in your son’s closet. Common on, there are so many fashion bags that makes an outfit. Why should they carry school bags everywhere? At the very least, buy them a purse. That way they could keep their essentials safe.

Caps: You will be surprised at how much of a difference a cap makes. Face caps precisely, refined the face and protects from sun. If you can’t afford to buy them in different colors, buy black and white or brown. Or whatever other colors your child mostly wears.

Sneakers: This is a given amongst the male gender. They spend so much on them, they forget that they can’t wear them alone. Lol. However, sneakers definitely compliments any outfit. Spend money on buying varieties for them instead of a single luxurious one like they want. Endeavor to select colors complimentary to most outfit in his closets.
Underwear: If you’re wondering why underwear matters for boys, then why does it matter for girls? Why spend money on Victoria’s secret for your daughter but go to Walmart for your son’s underwear. Not that there’s anything wrong with buying underwear from Walmart, if that’s what you can afford, it’s lovely. But the effort behind buying and selecting underwear at VS for your daughter should be reciprocated for your son. A good underwear is the start of feeling good/confidence in an outfit.

Fashion is no more important to female than it is to male. While the appearance and process are slightly different, Fashion should still be a lifestyle to both gender.

Until Next Time,
Be Safe.