Yup! you read that right.  This week, we are looking at the Best Nude Lipstick Brands. If you're a lover of Nude lipsticks like myself, then you know damn well you can never go wrong in Nude, but at times finding the perfect nude/shade can be challenging. Here are 6 go-to Nude Lipstick Brand:

1.   MAC
    No matter what new brand of make-up comes out, Mac will always be one of my favorite make up brand and their lipstick will forever be among my top favorite, Mac Matte lipstick in velvet teddy is my favorite Mac lipstick. This lipstick is highly pigmented, smooth, creamy and has a comfortable feel. It makes my lips look natural,the color is a deep tone beige. Mac has other types of Nude Lipstick including: Mac Matte lipstick in Bronx, Mac Lustre Lipstick In hug me, Mac Matte Lipstick In honeylove, Mac Matte Lipstick In yash(My second Favorite Mac lipstick as its perfect for all skin tones), Mac Lustre Lipstick In jubilee, Mac Satin Lipstick In peachstock, Mac Lustre Lipstick In touch, Mac Satin Lipstick In shrimpton and MAC Amplified Lipstick in Blankety Amongst others, Be sure to select the ones best for your skin tone. Mac nude lipstick costs $19 and its available on their Website, Mac stores or at Nordstrom.

  Don't you just love Fenty? The brand is awesome. I recommend Fenty's nude stunna lip paints for every skin tone (especially women of color like myself). Its in a liquid form, the applicator is just right and it lasts long, yup! up to 10hours. Perfecto! it's available online at Fenty Beauty, also at Sephora or Harvey Nichols for $24.

At 29 US Dollar on the Kylie cosmetic website, the different shade of nude matte liquid lipstick comes with a lip liner. Although have not used this brand before, KYLIE Crème Lipstick in Butterscotch has been perfect on the people I see it on, makes their lip bold too. The tube lipstick is available for $17 at ulta.com.

4.    Anastasia Beverly Hills
I really love this lipstick on me. It comes both in liquid and tube form, whichever you prefer. With over 20 shades of nude, it can be gotten from the ABH store or the website at $19 only.

5. NYX Professional Makeup
  If you're searching for affordability with quality,  this is the one for you. For only $6  available at ulta.com, it has different shade of nude depending on your skin tone.  Its creamy, matte and never dries.

6. Bobbi Brown
    Bobbi brown has the perfect shade for every skin tone, enhances the lip and amazing as a cover lipstick for finishing an heavy make up. It gives a warm neutral feel. Available for $29 at Nordstrom.com.
   So there it is people, just incase you feel like going nude. PS. Be sure to get your shade.
Until next time

Olasubomi Ajayi
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