I wore socks last week that had me hitching all week long. This got me thinking of how not all socks is safe to wear. Weird, I know. Have always just taught of socks to be socks. No regards to safety. Oh, was I wrong. As a result of this, I decided to research safe and comfortable socks for babies. While I was able to treat my itching feet, babies find it hard to express themselves. So it’s best to take extra precaution shopping for them, just as you will every other clothing items. Avoid 100% polyester and nylons for babies, stick with cotton or wool if it’s extremely cold. Picking out socks that will fit firmly but still breathable. All these and more are to be considered when shopping for socks. Here are 5 stores to shop authentic socks for babies:

Carters: Carter’s being on the list isn’t a surprise. If you want to get a socks for your baby this should be on your top list. Tested and verified. They have varieties of socks design and colors that suits every fashion taste. Carter’s is affordable, you also could shop a full outfit for your baby here.

Burt’s Bees: Burt’s Bees have Organic Cotton socks. This is very safe and is made with Eco-friendly grippers. The Baby – Ankle Socks is 6-Pack and has a comfortable stretch. The ankle band is also made from a stretchy material, that keeps it in place.  Definitely check out the store or online to view their socks.

Zutano: In the course of searching for socks for babies, I came across this store. They have socks that are boots. I was definitely impressed, the reviews were even more impressive. Apparently it’s stay on your little one’s feet longer as it has a snap closure and gentle elastic at the ankle to keep from losing socks. Plus the soft cotton wraps the baby’s feet and is breathable. 

Jefferies Socks: Jeffries Socks are 76% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 3% Spandex but some are 98% polyester, I’m a firm believer of cotton just for babies, but most cottons are usually mixed. It’s based on preference here. Reviews show that Jefferies Socks Store are perfect; firm and zero reaction. But the sizing is usually smaller than the average sizing. So it might be best to buy a size larger.

Loveful: This is the best socks for winter. It is an animal-inspired winter socks, which I found on amazon. I didn’t get their own website but I saw the socks is sold on amazon, at walmart, on desertcart. Just saw 2 reviews on the socks. They’re soft and thick, made from a plush and fuzzy fleece material. Also quite breathable but thicker than the average socks. So should be worn without shoes.

Gifting out socks to babies is also a very thoughtful gift.
Until Next Time,
Be Safe.