Crocs are at best, basic fashion shoes with close to zero importance in the fashion world. Crocs however, has to be the most comfortable shoe ever made in fashion. This 'ugly shoe' as critics call it, is the perfect fit for kids. It keeps the leg protected without causing discomfort or blisters. As much as I love stilettoes, I love comfort better. I'm hundred percent sure kids feel the same way as the comfort of crocs is unmatched. The problem most parent face is not knowing how to style them. Here are 5 ways to wear crocs:
Wearing Socks:  Even though a pair of socks is not mandatory to keep your child's feet warm in a Crocs, it changes the appearance of the crocs. Dare i say, it makes it more attractive and appealing to the eyes while adding a different touch to your style.
Skinny jean & Boot cuts: Cause of the size of a crocs, its not advisable to wear oversized or flared jeans, as it hides the Crocs or just makes it look unattractive than it already is. Boot cuts allows for visible ankles which brings out beauty of the Crocs and the skinny jean gives a nice and long figure to go with the Crocs.  
Ankle bracelet: Wearing an ankle bracelet on your foot wear, makes it stand out. The crocs is no exception. Wearing an ankle bracelet on crocs makes it stylish and fashionable. However, not everyone likes ankle bracelets.
Gowns:  You think its chic wearing sneakers on gown right? Well guess what? Its even cooler wearing gown with crocs especially midi length or over the knees dresses. This is a perfect everyday casual wear for kids.
Cross Bag: Due to the chunky nature of a crocs, a small bag is required to go with it. Even better is when it's a cross bag, making  it even out, this is best worn during out door activities like hiking or biking.

There is a pair of crocs for everybody in different colors and designs, you can match with your kids. Its affordable, stylish, regular and everywhere. Wear it how best you feel it suits you, create your style, create your memories.

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Be Safe,