Today is the last day of the year 2022!! Let me be the first to officially wish you all a Happy New Year in advance. It's only natural to do a recap on all the coolest styles and outfits that trended in 2022. A lot of them are most likely going to be repeated in 2023, but we new trends will always come through. Kids have it better than adults I tell you, they literally look good in any trending outfits. While as adults, we avoid certain outfits that trends and looks good on others. Enough about that though, let's get into the 5 styles for kids that had 2022 on a chokehold. These styles were worn by most in real life and on social media. There were common styles we all could agree were cool, hence a lot of children wearing it. Whether as an individual item or a whole outfit, this were the styles that stood out 2022 for us:

Plaids: While plaids never go out of style, especially among kids, it doesn't necessarily trend. However, Year 2022, had every child at one point wearing plaids. Whether a deliberate trend or not. Kids were rocking this outfit, with mostly white inners worn inside the plaid shirt, the shirt is left unbuttoned. This outfit paired with jeans or combat trousers was a popular trend among children this year. Mostly likely to be repeated in the coming year. Brands such as Fashion nova kids, H&M, GAP etc. Have this outfit readily available.
T-shirt under Dress: This is not a new combination. However, it became a trend last year, 2021. The trend was common among adults and has been introduced to kids. While some parents might have been doing this from the beginning of time, a lot of other people hopped on it later this year. It is one of the most trending styles for kids 2022. Children at one point this year were styled with this combination. Very beautiful, doubt it will be stopping anytime soon.

Cropped Jacket: We know this jacket had been trending for quite sometime amongst adult especially females. It became a trend for kids too along the line, this trend made it to the year 2022, and was very much alive. Either in a denim form, puffer jacket or even varsity jacket. Usually paired with an inner shirt and short skirts or trousers. This trend is still on for both adults and kids. It's not leaving anytime soon.

Track or Jogger set: This is not a trend. It's a lifestyle. It's going to be on forever till the end of time. Kids are always going to wear track or Joggers set, so it's no surprise everyone of them had it on year 2022. However, styling this outfit seem to be different with new ideas year such as the addition of jackets or shirt to the set, use of waist purse on the set. All this adds to the beauty of this outfit making it diverse and difficult to fade.

Pleated skirt: I assure you the category for skirt this year was pleated. Straight skirts went to the back, while they were still peaking in sight. Pleated skirt was year 2022, main attraction for the little girls. They were present every time we went out or checked social media. So it's only right they make the list. Pleated skirt is also a staple in children's clothing so we're sure they will still be trending next year.

A lot more style trend in 2022 are most likely going to be repeated in 2023. Be on the look out people.

Until Next Time,
Happy New Year!
Be Safe.