Welcome to 2022, Glad you’re still reading. 2021, had it’s challenges, but I’m glad none included a tasteless fashion. Unlike it counterpart 2020, which had us on lockdown. 2021, had everyone outside, including the kids and trends were constant, even among the kids. I think the kids set the trends best for 2021, from viewing then on Instagram, tiktok and snap chat, I can attest to not getting enough of them. For this reason, I’ve decided to do on ode to 2021 trends/fashion. Let’s take a look at the trends the kids gave us 2021, that’s more than likely going to repeated this year :

Kids all around the world wore this Tie Dye pieces on repeat 2021, it dominated summer for sure and the kid’s weren’t alone in this trend. Adults everywhere also couldn’t get enough of Tie Dye, Celebrities, like Diddy and Beyoncé were seen in them. The Good news is that this trend will be continued 2022.

I read an article that Called this the Kanye effect. I can’t deny that, he’s been everywhere in this. The kid’s have been too, his daughter North West as well as thousands of other kids were seen in pumpkin spice sweats 2021. I think the comfort of the matching sets might just be the reason. Comfort and fashion, a combination you rarely get. The oversize set in rust, beige or cocoa was very popular among under-10 influencers.

This 90s look has been in trend since 2019 and it’s still relevant.  Ranging in colors, designs; prints and patterns too. This Trend was very popular during the summer and it was a worldwide trend among kids, you could barely come across kids picture on social media without a bucket hat on.

While we know jeans are a forever trend. The trend varies with styles and their type, from baggy jeans to ripped jeans or skinny jeans. The jeans trend can be a new or an old one, making a comeback. I mostly saw adults on boyfriend jeans, flared tip jeans and some fitted straight jeans 2021. The Kids replaced their Skinny jeans with the mon jeans 2021. I have no idea why. But they made it work.

It was difficult to place a gender on most clothes worn by kids in 2021, the unisex trend was wide and active  you could see a girl wear this set, the next time it’s on a boy. I think it was a really cool trend, nothing planned just comfort and love of fashion. This was also a trend amongst adults too.
They were a countless other trends 2021 brought us but now we’re looking forward to 2022 Fashion Trends. Happy New Year Guys!

Until Next Time,
Be Safe,