Knowing the colors that will be trendy this year helps to know the color of clothing to shop for or avoid, depending on your taste. While 2020 saw all standoff colors, this year,  there are likely more mixtures of color and lesser dull colors. Three weeks into the year 2021, and certain colors like peach are already trending.  One thing we can certainly agree upon is that 2021 is bringing more brightness and a rather interesting color to fashion. The kids are also included, so get a pen and let's get started on the colors for 2021:

Yellow-Green: Nope. It's not neon, it is a blend of yellow and Green. This bright colors, surprisingly merge without causing nuisance to the fabric or the models that showcased it. It's a color trend I honestly can't wait for. The colors are also predicted to trend even without combining them.

Grey: This is one of the few dull color you can expect to trend this year. Grey has always been a favorite of many but not so much in the lime light as black. Oh well, it's time is here. 
Burnt red-orange: I love this color! It gives a certain elegance to the fabric and class to the model. I mean this is a favorite of Victoria Beckham so you know there is something special in it. We are about to see more of it this year.

Powdery blue: This is expected to be the color of fashion for spring this year. Due to it's hue soothing and calm nature. This color is different from the everyday blue and has a brightness attached to it.

Pink-orange: A blend i didn't even know existed.  This combination is coral and it is said to give a familiar and comfortable feeling.  That, and by spring this color will be everywhere.

These colors are definitely a far cry from the dull and boring colors we saw (or rather didn't) see much of (thanks to COVID). Weirdly enough, 2021 fashion color is giving  a sense of hope and optimism. We sure hope the year is full of that.

Until Next Time, 

Be Safe,