Clothing designer the world
Clothing designer the world
Clothing designer the world
Clothing designer the world

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It's officially 2021! New year, new rules & thirst for bespoke fashion. Whether you want to shop for a new outfit or complete the look with a simple but effective touch you can find all your answers here.

Creator and fashion designer of AMB by Tolani.

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Flare dressses

Every average female child's dream is to become a princess someday, most grow with this in mind, end up having a fairytale wedding  more  

Organic cotton

The world has moved on to organic cotton, not only are these good for your child's skin and health, they are also affordable. Organic cotton are free of chemicals making is safer ...  more  

Time to get knitting

There is something special about knitting things for your kids, especially for babies. Knitting is always in trend, almost every child has that knitted Cardigan they wear when its ...  more  

gender neutrality

Comfort attached to being able to wear a cloth that is gender neutral  more  

Kids and colours

Settling for the design, durability and comfortability.   more  

Family matching outfit

New parent, want to have matching outfits with their kids and enjoy looking at them on Instagram,  more  

Spring 2020

This quarantine period is the best time for bonding with your child, even if they might not be Let's be honest you have absolutely nothing doing, neither do they. ...  more  

From nappies to underwear

Parents transitioning their kids from diapers   more  

PJ's and nighttime

getting your child the right pyjamas can be challenging cause some pyjamas after washing will shrink  more  

Shop online

The world is going through a pandemic few weeks to Easter.  more  

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