Sock it up

Its officially summer! The most anticipated season of the year. One clothing item your kids should have this season is a socks. I know the weather is hot and humid but the socks helps to maintain a good hygiene and saves the feet from blisters. If you can knit, go ahead, start knitting. If you prefer store-bought then am here to guide you on just the stores to patronize. The socks you get for your kids should be breathable, soft and unlike the socks worn during winter, light. Also colorful, just cause colors make fashion. Someone is probably wondering Socks?? Seriously? Yes Socks love, cause your babies/kids feet needs to be covered regardless of the season. Here are 5 stores that you need to check out for the best socks this summer: Amazon: With variety of brands like Hanes, Fruit of the Loom boys, Cooraby, amazon essential kids, etc, producing quality and affordable socks selling on amazon, makes it a store to check out . This online store has more than enough choice for the right socks your child needs this summer. Target: Target is another store to get quality, comfortable and light weight socks for your kids. Plus you get free shipping on orders of $35+. Might as well order for the whole family. Debenhams: The only problem you can come across in regards to the socks in this store, is the lack of colors. Other than that, the socks are soft, breathable and most importantly durable Walmart: Like amazon, Walmart also sells quality and affordable socks brands like Hanes, fruit of the loom, seamless socks and so on, for your babies and kids. Nike: Nike socks are not necessarily worn causally especially at this season of the year because of its thickness. However is the best for any athletic activity your child wants to participate in the summer as it is durable and soft. Socks can never be out of season or fashion especially in the life of a child. It is advisable for babies under the age of one to always have on a pair. People often tend to over look this clothing item due to its size, however a pair of socks literally changes the whole look of an outfit. Until Next Time, Be Safe, XoXo.

Creator and fashion designer of AMB by Tolani.

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